Best crochet and crochet ponchos

Hello crochet friends, I’m Majovel! Welcome to my website! Over the past few weeks we have been bringing a series of stitches ideal for fall to the channel. One of your favorite jobs on the channel, the ones that are most successful are ponchos. One of the star work of autumn and winter. So, this week I bring you a compilation with the best ponchos that have appeared on the channel to this day. I hope you like it. Today I bring you a compilation of all these stitches so that you can access them with a single click. You just have to press play to see the video tutorial or click on the link to see the graphic pattern. This type of post requires a lot of work so, I hope you like it and it helps you organize these stitches to make beautiful crochet and crochet work.

Crochet turtleneck poncho and hat

During these weeks I have brought winter-related tasks to the channel, ideal tasks to shelter our loved ones. It has been a long time since I brought a poncho to the canal and I know that it is one of the tasks that you like the most, so this week I thought it would be ideal to bring this cute poncho with a turtleneck. A very special crochet and crochet poncho for the little ones in the house. As always, I leave you a selection with the color palette that I think suits his best. I hope you like it.

1-Crochet Imagen Gorro conjunto poncho cuello de tortuga a crochet y ganchillo por Majovel Crochet

3-Crochet Imagen Gorro conjunto poncho cuello de tortuga a crochet y ganchillo por Majovel Crochet




Crochet autumnal poncho

Happy day to everyone! I hope your week was great, after having made a beautiful white outfit this week this week I bring you something different. Today I bring you a nice poncho with sleeves with a color palette inspired by autumn. I also leave you different color palettes so you can choose the one you like, personally I think that these pumpkin and brown tones are ideal for this time of year. Below I leave the links for the sizes, I hope you like this work, now … Let’s see this nice poncho!



Cute yellow poncho

EHi, I’m Majovel! In today’s post I am going to leave the crochet pattern so you can use it. How you can see in the photos is an ideal poncho for the fall of a yellow pumpkin ideal for these dates. How you can see consists of four parts, front, back and sleeves. You have to repeat lap 2, 3 or 4, it does not matter.



Poncho o capa de mujer a crochet

¡Hola a todos! ¡Soy Majovel! ¡Bienvenido a mi canal! Esta semana te enseño a hacer este poncho encantador.El poncho tiene capucha la capucha es opcional. Es una talla XL (Mide 56 centímetros o 22 pulgadas de largo) pero sí queréis cambiar la talla podéis hacerla a vuestro gusto visitando nuestra página de tallas para adultos pinchando aquí. Espero que te guste.


Beautiful crochet poncho, very easy and simple. DIY

This week I teach you how to make this beautiful crochet and crochet poncho that is very easy to make, all step by step, in a simple way so that you can do yourself this DIY, .The size is for a girl of 3 or 4 years but you can make the size you want, for girls from 2 to 12 years I leave the sizes by clicking here.. On the other hand if you want to do it for adults you have the measures clicking here.. The stitch is from Elena of @crochetbyellej I hope you like it.



A hug and thanks to all for your time. Any doubt you have do not hesitate and leave it in comments. I will answer it as fast as I can. This garment is woven with yarn from the brand Ice yarns in particular Camilla cotton here I leave this. Also I leave this link in case you want to see more yarns and special wool link If you want to see more variety of wool you can click the following link.A hug and thank you very much for your time!

Crochet turtleneck poncho

Charts of measurements

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