My favorite dress patterns to crochet 2

Hi, I’m Majovel! If you liked the first entry of my favorite crochet patterns found on the internet wait to see this post. I have left you three beautiful little girl dresses, very easy to make, ideal for beginners. If you have any questions regarding the sizes I leave a link where I explain what are the sizes in centimeters and inches. You can access the link for girls from 2 to 12 years old by clicking link.But if you want to do it for babies you can do it by clicking on this link.. Let’s see those patterns!

Patterns crochet dresses

Imagen del vestidito lila 2 crochet

Imagen vestidito rosa 3 crochet

Imagen vestidito rosa y blanco crochet

I hope you like these beautiful crochet dresses. I hope you like them as much as I do. How can you see are some beautiful dresses, ideal for spring and summer.
I remind you that you can also see all my crochet patterns and models on my personal blog I hope you have liked everyone and everyone, any questions or comments you can leave it below in the corresponding space and I will answer as soon as possible. I thank you from your heart for your support. A hug.

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