Crocht summer dress and outfit

Hello crochet friends, I’m Majovel, welcome to my blog! Happy day to everyone! During these weeks I have brought you a nice set of summer dress and pants. In addition to a nice dress also ideal for summer. All ideal tasks for the warmer times of the year. You have liked these beautiful tasks very much, for which I am very grateful, that is why I have made this compilation where you have all the tasks and their respective patterns on a single page so that you have everything at a single click. So you always have this beautiful shirt and pants set as well as a nice dress. I hope you like it.

All the video tutorials are explained step by step, with all the details you need to make this beautiful selection of tasks that I have done with my favorite coats and jackets. I hope you like it. You just have to click play to see the video tutorial or click on the link to see the graphic pattern. This type of post requires a lot of work so, I hope you like it and help you organize these stitches to make beautiful crochet and crochet work.

Crochet summer shirt

This week, focusing on the summer season, I bring you to the channel the tutorial of this wonderful crochet and crochet summer shirt. An ideal shirt for the little ones in the house, cool for summer, sleeveless, very simple and easy to do. I think it’s a great job for the hottest times of the year. I have chosen white since, for summer work, it is one of the colors that I like the most. Any suggestion you can leave in comments.



Crochet pants match with summer shirt

This week I bring you some crochet pants with which you can make this wonderful set. Very simple pants, easy to make and ideal to do with any level you have. You also have this ideal set for the summer for the little ones in the house. In the video tutorial you have all the steps to carry out this work and I am preparing a compilation on my website so that you have all the information in a single click. I hope you like it.



Simple crochet summer dress

This week I bring you this cute and simple crochet and crochet summer dress. Over the past few weeks we have been bringing tutorials for many winter outfits to the channel. To change a little this week I bring you this cute simple dress ideal for summer, very easy to do, without the need for increases. I hope you like it, any questions or ideas do not hesitate to leave it in comments.



A hug and thanks to all for your time. Any doubt you have do not hesitate and leave it in comments. I will answer it as fast as I can. This garment is woven with yarn from the brand Ice yarns in particular Camilla cotton here I leave this. Also I leave this link in case you want to see more yarns and special wool link If you want to see more variety of wool you can click the following link.A hug and thank you very much for your time!

Charts of measurement

Crochet spring jacket yoke

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