Vestido bautismo crochet ganchillo 2

Crochet baptism dress pattern.

Many of you have asked me how to make a little crochet baptism dress, so here I leave you a pattern of this crochet dress that I find precious. You can not deny me that the dress is not pretty. The wool that is used in a broken white color is woven with pearl. A beautiful crochet! The design is by Yana Zaya.


Vestido bautismo a crochet y ganchillo.
This little dress is beautiful.


Vestido bautismo crochet ganchillo 2
Here I leave another image of this beautiful dress.


Vestido bautismo crochet ganchillo conjunto,
Matching shoes and band.


Patrón canesú crochet
This is the yoke pattern.


Patrón bandita crochet ganchillo
Here this pattern of the band
Patrón flor bandita crochet ganchillo
And this is the pattern of the flower of the bandit.

bautismo conjunto crochet ganchillo

And finally I leave a picture of how the whole set looks. It is an ideal set for a medium level, I hope you like it. A hug! Any doubt leave it in comments. Any doubts about the size press here.

Best wishes!

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