Imagen poncho chino verde

Beautiful and colorful ponchos crochet and crochet

Hi, I’m Majovel! Happy day to all! First I want to thank you for all the support you have given to the channel this Christmas. It’s wonderful, it fills me with emotion to see all the comments and all your congratulations. This would not be possible without you hooks. I keep working to bring you the best patterns and the most useful ideas for our wonderful hobby.

Today I bring you some beautiful ponchos, simple, easy to make. Ideal for these cold days that we are going through right now in the winter of the northern hemisphere. Now we are in full pot of cold! I have brought you some colorful models, others more sober, I have tried to do something balanced so that you can choose between what you like the most. I hope they give you precious ideas to perform beautiful tasks. Let’s see them!

Beautiful crochet ponchos

Imagen del poncho a colores

Patrón del poncho a colores

Imagen lindo poncho blanco

Patron lindo poncho blanco

Precioso poncho chino

Imagen poncho chino verde

Patron 1 poncho chino verde

Patron 2 poncho chino verde

I want to thank all the support and comments that you make me both on the web pages and on YouTube. They always give me encouragement and strength to do the work of the following week. If you want to access all my designs and my patterns, I upload all the content to my personal blog In it you will find hundreds of tutorials step by step and for all levels. Now we are uploading clothes for both girls and women for these special dates. Ideal to give away! I hope you liked it, any doubt about the points you can consult it in the entry that I have about points and their meaning.


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