Cute and simple summer crochet dress

Hello crochet friends, I’m Majovel, welcome to my blog! Happy day to everyone! During these last two weeks I have uploaded a couple of tutorials on this beautiful summer dress to the channel, which has been in two parts. One for the yoke and one for the skirt. With both tasks you can make this beautiful dress ideal for summer, an ideal garment for the hottest times of the year.

In addition, I leave you, as always, everything you need to carry out this beautiful work, both the video tutorials and the patterns. Even a small range of colors so you can choose the one you like the most. All the video tutorials are explained step by step, with all the details you need to make this beautiful selection of tasks that I have done with my favorite coats and jackets. I hope you like it. You just have to click play to see the video tutorial or click on the link to see the graphic pattern. This type of post requires a lot of work so, I hope you like it and it helps you organize these stitches to make beautiful crochet and crochet work.

Crochet yoke for summer dresses

During this post, we bring back to the channel a video tutorial of the ideal tasks for the summer. Today we have started to make this beautiful yoke ideal for the hottest times of the year. A yoke that will be the first part of a work that we will finish next week. I hope you like it, I have also brought you a selection of colors so that you can choose the one you like the most.



Skirt for crochet and crochet dress

Today we are going to finish this precious work with the result that you are going to see below. An ideal dress for the spring summer season, in today’s video tutorial we are going to make this cute skirt by completing this cute crochet and crochet dress. I also leave you a choice of colors so that you can choose the one you prefer, I hope you like it.



A hug and thanks to all for your time. Any doubt you have do not hesitate and leave it in comments. I will answer it as fast as I can. This garment is woven with yarn from the brand Ice yarns in particular Camilla cotton here I leave this. Also I leave this link in case you want to see more yarns and special wool link If you want to see more variety of wool you can click the following link.A hug and thank you very much for your time!

Charts of measurements

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