Crochet hooded coat

Hello crochet friends, I’m Majovel! Welcome to my website. This week I bring you the compilation of the crochet and crochet set that we made in September. Today, we have in a single click the two necessary parts to make this wonderful, cute and simple crochet and crochet hooded coat. An ideal task for the little ones in the house, a winter task to shelter our loved ones at the coldest times of the year. I have chosen white thread, quite thick ideal for low temperatures, with a great color for winter, as well as details on the sleeves and hood in red. I hope you like it.

All the video tutorials are explained step by step, with all the details you need to make this beautiful selection of tasks that I have done with my favorite coats and jackets. I hope you like it. You just have to click play to see the video tutorial or click on the link to see the graphic pattern. This type of post requires a lot of work so, I hope you like it and it helps you.

Crochet hooded coat part 1

Today, like every Sunday, I bring you another simple tutorial. We have in the channel the first part of a cute and simple crochet and crochet coat. The first step for a project that will be ideal for the colder times of the year. Today I have chosen a white thread to make the first phase of this project, I think it is an ideal color for this garment. On Wednesday I will upload the step by step of the complete project.




Crochet hooded coat part 2

In the last post I brought you to the channel the first part of a cute and simple crochet and crochet coat. A two-heat coat with a hood to keep the little ones in the house warm. As you can see in the step by step, the crochet and crochet coat has triangle details on the sleeves, hood and bottom of the coat.



Thank you all very much, any questions you may have about the different tasks, samples or tutorials, leave it in comments. I leave you the reference of the sizes by clicking this link. They are both in centimeters and inches so you can choose the one you like the most. To finish you have a link to my favorite summer 2021 tasks, I hope you like it. A hug!

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